Mindflip Web Series

Part One: The Doctor Is Not Fine

Written, Produced, and Directed by Ken Rowe

Interviews written by Stephen Lestat

Science spotlight interviews introduce Dr. Laurence Fine, an ethically challenged Neurobiologist, and his arch-rival, Dr. Maurice Howard.

Webisode 1 introduces Dr. Fine's cut and paste approach to brute force cybernetics.

In Webisode 2, Dr. Fine and his assistant Rex discuss impediments to their work over tea, with inescapable metaphors of literature, language and reality.

Webisode 3 finds Dr Fine feeling scorned by the scientific community. To vindicate his theories, he attempts to swap the minds of a dog and a cat.

Webisodes 4 & 5 (in Post-production) reveal the consequences of his catastrophic experiment.

Test of Faith

Release: January 2018
Written and Produced by Tom Flynn and Ken Rowe
Directed by Ken Rowe

In a violent post-civilized world, two friends try to live by their wits instead of brute force. Inventing their own religion, they masquerade as a traveling guru and his all-purpose acolyte, proselytizing for food and shelter. Falling in with a band of mercenaries, they realize the potential power of their deceit and question their motives. Is their scam spinning out of control? Can they use "belief" to restore order, or is it the means to seize power?


(Feature film in development)
Written, Produced, and Directed by Ken Rowe

A feature film about vanity and the paradox of life: is birth a death sentence?   

Marilyn Hardesty is an aging, terminally ill horror film actress, and heiress to her ancient husband's biotech fortune through a whirlwind courtship, marriage, and funeral. Aging and terminally ill, she is determined to cheat death and rekindle her career by transferring her mind into the body of a younger woman. With Norman Baetz, her "personal assistant", she recruits Dr. Laurence Fine, a brilliant, twisted neurobiologist, to serve her obsession with immortality.
With the promise of Reality TV stardom, they lure three young women to Marilyn's remote estate. Ulterior motives unfold. Early experiments prowl the estate. The young women reach a grim realization: escape is the only means of survival. Can they evade Dr. Fine's cut and paste cybernetics? Will Marilyn achieve eternal life or drown in the fountain of youth?



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